CMB Truck packS

Developed with Tradies in mind….You bring the chassis and we can fit it out for you. We start with the Basics and after that, it’s up to you.

The Basics: Flat Deck Tray with a headboard, window protection and rope rails.


Subframe - Duragalv hollow section including coamings and rope rails.

Headboard - Duragalv hollow section including tierails.

Length and WIDTH

4400mm x 2050m


Ladder frame – 100mm above cab – window protection – solid bottom 500mm.


15mm Transtex

rope rails


add ons

Sides and Tailgate

Aluminium Extrusions
250mm high - Bolt-on

Ladder Racks

Aluminium Extrusions
Sliding - Cab Height

Tow bar

3500kg with plug and chain - Certified


Stainless Steel lid,
TB550mm x 400 x 400 - Bolt-on


Front-mounted on deck. Door each side, top hinged on gas struts for weather protection, heavy-duty locking.

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